As a mother of a little girl I know what kind of challenges everyday life can bring. Combining home, work and a healthy life can often be challenging but not impossible.

The importance of nutrition has always interested me and therefore this theme was emphasized in my personal training education. After that I have also studied to become a nutritional advisor. I don’t support any particular diet, but I rather support the idea of having a right to choose whatever direction as long as it is beneficial to one’s health.  In addition, in my personal life I value self-made and versatile food. 

The experience of nearly 30 years as a sports instructor combined with 10 years as a middle school teacher ensure you that I’m well qualified to face you as an individual. I want that each and every customer receives individual coaching whether it has to do with nutritional advising or exercise. I believe in mental support when small or big changes take place and therefore I want to share exactly that moment with you. It is very important to me that you succeed and find wellbeing!