Nutritional advice

Getting nutritional advice may be needed in different stages of one’s life.
At a routine doctor’s appointment may increased cholesterol levels be detected and you might need guidance in adopting a healthier new regimen. You may have tried all sorts of diets, but finally noticed that they don’t result in permanent weight control.

Nutritional advising also offers help for those who do shift work. It is often challenging to find a suitable and balanced diet when working in shifts. Wrong choices in addition to an irregular eating schedule contribute to gaining weight and lower one’s alertness. In the long run this imbalance can easily lead to the risk of getting ill by numerous diseases.

As a licensed nutritional advisor* I’m not going to offer you any miraculous diet but instead offer you a chance to a lifelong healthy way of life. I’ll guide you every step of the way in order to find a balanced and good relationship with nutrition so that you’ll become an expert of your own diet. I won’t give you a ready-made meal plan, but I’ll be there for you throughout the whole journey. Your taste preferences, goals, financial situation and health will be the basis for constructing the whole package. This way you’ll learn to listen to your body, make the right decisions at the grocery shop and enjoy the tasty and nutritious meals.


Nutritional advising starts with an initial survey in which we go through your situation and wishes on the phone. After this you’ll fill in a food diary for a couple of days and after I’ve analysed your diary, we’ll meet. During the meeting the results of the analysis will be gone through and you’ll get instructions how to move on.

Change always takes time and not all changes can be done at once. That’s why it’s recommended that another follow-up meeting is booked. This will keep you motivated and helps you to reach your goal.

Price 125 €

First consultation on the phone (30 min)

Food diary instructions and analysis

A single appointment (appr. 60min)

  • We’ll take time to go through your diary and and discuss solutions to possible problems. You will get instructions that lead you toward a healthier and reinvigorated life.
  • Follow-up meeting 65€

*A licensed nutritional advisor is entitled to cooperate with customers whose health condition is good. If you have recently gone through surgical procedures or you have a type 1 diabetes, kidney disease, bile problems, liver disease, cancer, eating disorder or any life-threatening allergies, cooperating is possible only with a legalized nutritional therapist.

If you can’t find a suitable package for your needs,
contact me and we’ll plan a better option for you!