Personal training

Personal training doesn’t automatically mean working out at the gym. I’ll compile a training program based on your exercise preferences. Together we’ll find the different forms of exercising that make you move. Whether it is on the ground or in the water, individually or in a group.

Achieving your goals is something I care about. I’ll be there for you throughout the way encouraging and if necessary also kicking you in the butt.

PT 1

If you need help with a bigger change or a long term trainer,

this is your package:

Duration 3 mos.             279 € / mo.             total 837 €

Initial and final testing

  • mobility, muscle condition and aerobic condition

10 training sessions with me (á 60min)

Exercise plan and program

  • the plan is made in 4 weeks cycles and the program is made for each training session

Nutritional advising

  • the basics are gone through, especially the things you should focus on nutrition wise

Weekly follow-up

  • phone call/email/meeting

PT 2

If you’re in need of a lighter package, this is a good option for you:

              Duration 3 mos.     179€ / mo        total 537 €

6 training sessions with me ( á 60 min every other week)
Three times four-week training plan as well as a training program for each training session

This training program will be personally built for you based on your private training sessions and your goals. The coach will be in contact with you every week either by phone or email.
Nutrition advice not included.

If you can’t find a suitable package for your needs,
contact me and we’ll plan a better option for you!